Statement by Mayor Ploiesti Badescu about euthanasia law


CANTECUL MAIDANEZULUI din Romania (Romanian stray-dog’s song)-MARIA DAINES

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Comunitatea Iubitorilor de Animale Enter:

Comunitatea Iubitorilor de Animale

2.Iubitorii de animale din Ploiesti sunt ingroziti! In adapostul din oras cainii se sfasie unii pe altii. Afara mai multi maidanezi au fost gasiti morti, intr-o singura zi, pe strazi si in parcurile de joaca pentru copii.

Stirea Ta: / Your News: Andreea Dumitrescu- Craiova

Residents in Craiova today came in large numbers to protest against the law that allows euthanasia of stray dogs if they are not claimed or adopted within 14 days


Alexandra Ionescu, preşedinta Romanian Stray Dogs Ploieşti: ”În adăposturi de stat, se cotizează lunar la hingheri”


Farcasiu Larisa: Stirea Ta: /”Your News”:Europa sare in apararea maidanezilor din Romania!

Meeting de protestation : stop au massacre en Roumanie


“Stirea Ta”- Farcasiu Larisa: Greci si Romani demonstreaza impreuna pentru dreptul la viata al maidanezilor din Romania!

Greeks and Romanians – Together For the Strays!

Italia zice”Nu putem ramane indiferenti! Sa-i ajutam pe prietenii nostri romani sa-si salveze cainii fara stapan!”/ Italy says “We can not remain indifferent! Let’s help the Romanian to save stray dogs!”

STIREA TA: LILIANA CHIABURU:Mars si protest impotriva eutanasierii maidanezilor, 21 septembrie 2013-Bucuresti / YOUR NEWS: LILIANA Chiaburu: march and protest against euthanasia of stray dogs, September 21, 2013, Bucharest

Karen Watkins: Stirea ta: Finlanda protesteaza si ea pentru viata maidanezilor din Romania! / “YOUR NEWS”: Finland protest against killing of stray dogs in Romania!

Căine lovit în cap cu un BCA

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Actorul Mickey Rourke va construi un adăpost de 250.000 de dolari pentru maidanezii din România

U.S. actor Mickey Rourke will invest a quarter million dollars for a huge house, to house strays.

Actorul Mickey Rourke
Investment could grow up to one million dollars, and the actor will come personally to oversee the project.

Rourke found a name for the huge shelter is planning: „Sanctuary wild dogs in Romania.”

In terms of size, the U.S. press says that it could be as a football stadium.

Actor will receive help in this project by Mircea Zeta veterinarians, Simon Cornelius and Spaniard David Martinez.
„No one gains from this investment,” said Hollywood star.
The actor also adopted a puppy named Foxy in time in Romania for the shooting of the film „Dead in Tombstone,” which took her then in the U.S..
Read more: Actor Mickey Rourke will build a $ 250,000 shelter for stray dogs in Romania – News>

Citiţi mai mult: Actorul Mickey Rourke va construi un adăpost de 250.000 de dolari pentru maidanezii din România – Actualitate >



EXCLUSIV EVZ. Filmul real în cazul morţii lui Ionuţ Anghel, copilul de patru ani ucis de maidanezi | VIDEO

EXCLUSIVE EVZ . Real film in the death of Ionut Anghel , child killed by stray four years | VIDEO

Little four- year-old was killed by a pack of stray dogs . Grandma did not know for two hours the fate of his nephew . After another 40 minutes announced disappearance . These are the findings of the investigation EVZ data provided by those who found him dead child.

To remove the suspicions surrounding his death Ionut Anghel , ” Event Day ” turned to one of the officers who participated in searches even fateful day of September 2 . His conclusion : the evidence is clear – Ionut died in torment , between teeth strays . My grandmother left him unattended for about two hours.
11.00 TOD
Monday, September 2 , at 9.21 . It’s the last time when Ionut Anghel appears alive in video footage Linden Park . This run with his brother Andrew, the alleys . Grandmother does not appear in the records. In a few minutes the little cameras disappear from the area . As far as we know, brothers Anghel entered a vacant lot .
11.00 . Around this hour , Ionut enters the court on the ground in the vicinity of Linden Park , where it is attacked by a pack of stray dogs . SMURD , arrived at the place of death at around 13.20 , estimated that the boy died two hours and a half, ie 11.00. His brother ran away , scared of angry four-legged outside the park.
11.36 . Andrei Anghel , accompanied by a man 30 years old, went to a guardian of the park. The boy says that his grandmother perish dut and accompanied by guard is moving toward it.
11.41 . Witness who found Andrew guardian leaves the child in and out of the park.
12.20 . At this time there was a 112 call from his grandmother gave Ionut Anghel , who police alarmed by the disappearance of the child. „We learned that the old woman in the park called to report the disappearance mobile child „, the police said .
12.25 . First arrived in Linden Park Department workers were 7 closest to the place .
12.55 . Appeared in the area in pursuit of Service Sector 2 , who have been called to deal with the investigation of the disappearance , but also to talk to grandma negligent .
” The old grandson was higher. Showed us that he entered the place of the fence, the missing gate and said :” We have bitten a pack of dogs that went through the hole . When we INTOSAI to child to ask him where he went , he was not talking . Ni was strange . I had the impression that my grandmother would have said something … ‘” the policeman told us .
Dogs, on the verge of being shot by police
13.15 . Child ‘s body found . ” Colleague who found the body was cornered and he mad dogs in the court . Chance to see that one of the animals , a white dog had blood on the muzzle . ‘s Afraid of being bitten , pulled a gun and loaded. when he was ready to shoot , they got other colleagues who were scattered animals ” tells us the investigator .
13.40 . The animal that attacked the child would have been tranquilized and taken to the pound research.
death picture
Policeman remembered how his body looked torn Ionut Anghel animals found under some branches. „I entered flies nose is installed” rigoris mortis . ” Around him was coagulated blood . Had his head in one hand , it was without scalp had bites on Manute , many that had no place to put money. Was with torn clothes and pants were pulled him to his knees, the dogs. ranging there had been sexually abused , ” he said .
Which way did the victim’s brother
After being given notice that the baby’s body was found , most of the police officers arrived at the body on the shortcut at Tuzla , the place where there is a security guard company employee Tei Residential .
” The court should be out this big baby . Guard would be taken at Tuzla and left there. ‘s What I tried to find the witnesses , because that guard refused to give statements,” the cop explained .
Yesterday, the place was quiet Ionut died . The gate in the fence was missing they went through the two brothers was welded in addition , another fence wire was put up near the lake. It could go on that land just off a curb . The land was filled with bushes yesterday and three little ones trying to retrace – photographer and one of the guards gave them directions.
” Ionut been prevented ”
In connection with this case , the Attorney General of Romania, Tiberiu Nitu , said yesterday that the investigating prosecutor ordered the child killed by dogs lifting images captured by the cameras of Linden Park . Asked whether the case prosecutor could not verify or to inquire , before the advent of media images , Head Prosecutor stated that he can not anticipate or have what must be a prosecutor in an investigation. Key witness , Andrei Anghel – Ionut ‘s brother , will be heard at home, but only after the psychologist will agree . Until then , investigators announced that Andrew summary tragedy . ” We ran both dogs. Ionut stumbled dogs pounced on him. Believe that they killed him ,” were his words in the first moment when asked about the fate of my little brother .
indolence authorities
Antoinette Etves
The land reached by the two children were taken , according to Town Hall District 2 acts , Laguna Tei firm that no longer exists and is now managed by the company Linden Residence , which is discovered only after the tragedy . The land was huge though invisible to the inspectors of the PS2 , even if it is just outside the park Tei .
Furthermore, the area was not controlled until then, proof that the land looked like it was abandoned for years . „We found that there were large weeds . Gave land neîngrijirea fine and was ordered to sanitation , so it was cleared and cleaned of garbage. Said they have not changed hands , so I did not know who it is. Thu when they need a paper from us and then find . Till now no fines were given because the ground was pretty okay „, said District 2 City Hall representatives .
And above all, no guards Linden Park , where three patrols per shift , it never reported it missing playground behind the gate, which opened exactly untidy and vacant land where anyone could get . That , though they are employed and paid public money to monitor what is happening in the park, but also to highlight what is wrong and what could affect the safety of those who walk in the green .
„Nobody said that something is missing in the fence . There was a door that disappeared , so it could go through grade „, the representatives explained Hall . According to a decision of the General Council of Bucharest, landowners are required to restrict ownership and to sanitize .

Citiţi mai mult: Filmul real în cazul morţii lui Ionuţ Anghel – Social > evz

Stirea Ta:

Andreea Dumitrescu a distribuit o fotografie postată de Save a Greek Stray.

Ipoteza terifianta: Ionut, copilul mancat de caini, ar putea fi deshumat! Necropsia cainelui din rapa mortii ar putea fi cheia cazului!


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